Refer a Friend and save up to $500

Refer a Friend and Save Up to $500

At File Keepers, our goal is to automate business processes and to make your organization more efficient and secure. We’d love for you to share your experience with Laserfiche with your friends and colleagues.

If you refer a friend to sign up for Laserfiche for the first time, we’ll credit your account with $500.00 that can be used for any Professional Services* associated with your Laserfiche account. You can apply that credit for additional training; the installation or configuration of software; or the design of optimized workflow processes, automated form submissions, and security and compliance tools.

In addition, your friend will receive a $500.00 credit of their own for Professional Services. It’s a win-win!

* offer does not apply to new hardware, nor to the price of the Laserfiche software itself

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Do you find the "Paperless" movement confusing? Unsure how it affects your business? Think the risk may be higher than the return? Have received conflicting information and/or quotes from other vendors and don't know who to trust? These are just a few of the situations we find our customers in when they call upon File Keepers. After 40 years in business, we've learned that the best approach is consultative. Our primary concern is to help you in your paperless efforts; not tell you what to do, but provide you clear and concise information and then you let you make the decision for what is best for your company.

Project Management

Project Management

OK - you've gotten all of the information, made the best business decision for your situation and have started the process… now what? File Keepers believes that a partnership doesn't end after you've signed the contract - it's actually just begun. Proper management of your project before, during, and especially after sale is essential to a successful implementation. We know this, and we'll stay with you every step of the way until you are comfortable and experiencing all of the benefits of your chosen paperless plan.

IT Support

IT Support

Does your project include Hardware? Software? Whether it is installation, training, service or just being there to answer a question, our certified IT Staff is available to you to provide you guidance and service for all elements of your implementation. We extend our service to all of our customers for as long as it is needed. So well known are we for our outstanding service that many of our customers come to us for service and technology support after they've implemented their project with another vendor!

Secure storage services

Secure Storage

Need more space? Call us today to reduce your real estate costs, secure your documents and valuable property, and achieve regulatory compliance. We'll even throw in free boxes*!

Shredding services


We provide secure destruction of documents and hard drives to ensure your information remains confidential, eliminating a frequent source of identity theft and fraud.

Mail processing services

Mail Processing

We will streamline your operations by picking up your physical mail, scanning it, then covert into a digital file. Your mail can then be routed electronically anywhere in your organization safely, without delays.

Scanning services


Effortlessly convert your standard and large-format paper documents to digital format. Make your information secure and accessible, maximize your productivity, and reduce waste.


Dear Friends,

These are challenging times indeed, both personally and professionally, for every single one of us. But above all else, our hearts go out to those affected by loved ones dealing with adverse health issues related to COVID-19. While we wait to hear news and updates on its status from around the world, it is uplifting to hear about the positive things people are doing in our own communities to help those not able to help themselves. It is encouraging to know that the true spirit of humankind will always shine through during times of struggle.

At File Keepers, we remain open to continue providing mission-critical services to organizations as diverse as hospitals, police departments, municipal governments, and national defense companies. We appreciate your support and patience during this time as we endeavor to provide support as efficiently as possible. Per recommendations by officials related to social distancing, we have reduced staffing levels, so there may be some atypical service delays related to our scanning, shredding, document retrieval, and Laserfiche support services. But rest assured, we will make every available effort to support your needs while continuing to follow the explicit guidelines set forth by the World Health Organization and the CDC to ensure the safety and welfare of our clients, employees and their families. We’re aware that this is a particularly trying time for small businesses. If you have been impacted by a mandatory workforce reduction, we offer a number of other services that can lessen your administrative or accounting burdens. We can receive and scan mail, process checks, and perform other back-of-office tasks. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you think we can help. We’re here to assist in any way possible.

While the future is unclear at this time, one thing is certain; this, too, shall pass. We are optimistic and hopeful for a speedy end to this global crisis and confident we will persevere by working together, coming together as a global community, and being patient and kind to one another. Thank you for your past patronage, and we look forward to restoring our normal operations in the near future.


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Tom McGovern
File Keepers CEO